"a flying start to a life of learning"

Cookery Club
Cookery club is run after school and is one of our most popular clubs.  Children from all year groups are able to join to make a range of healthy meals that can easily be recreated at home for the whole family!

Games Skills
This club is run after school for children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  Children take part in active sessions where they practise balance and coordination skills and use a range of equipment to play games.

Art Club
This club is run after school for children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  Children use a range of media to complete pictures, collages and small craft projects.

Netball sessions are available to children in the junior classes after school.  Children practise their skills as well as competing in competitions with other schools.

Judo sessions are available to children from all year-groups.  Sessions are run in the morning before school - it's a great wake-up for the children!

Recorder Club
Recorder clubs run both at lunchtimes and after school.  All Y2 children learn to play the recorder; those who show an interest in learning to play at a higher level can then join one of the groups to gain further skills and perform in concerts.

Tag Rugby
Tag Rugby club is run after school for all children and at lunchtime for Y5/6 children who wish to compete in the school team.

Textiles Club
This club for Y5/6 children is run after school.  Children can learn to knit and complete small projects that can be taken home and enjoyed.

Hockey club is run after school for children interested in practising their skills and competing with other teams.  It is open to children in years 4, 5 and 6.

Chess Club
Chess club is run during lunchtime and is open to children in Y5/6 who would like to learn the game.  Once children are confident they are given the opportunity to challenge one-another to become top of the chess leaderboard!

Story Club
This club is run at lunchtime for children in Foundation and years 1 and 2.  Children meet in the school library where they can hear stories read and can discuss their favourite books and authors.  Children also have the opportunity to take home books form the library to share at home.

Gastrells choir practises all year round and has taken part in the 'Youth Voice' concert in Birmingham as well as performing at the Cheltenham Festival and local venues in Stroud.  Choir is open to all children in the juniors.

Football Club
This club is available for Y5/6 children and runs after school.  The Gastrells football team has been very sucessful in local competitions, winning a number of trophies which are displayed in the school reception area.

Cross Country Running
The Gastrells site and location makes it an ideal venue for this club.  Children have our large and sloping school field as well as the extra challenge of Rodborough Common just a short jog away!  Our cross-country runners take part in a number of competitive events around the Stroud area.

Country Dancing
This club is run after school for children in all year groups.  In the Spring children take part in the Country Dancing Festival in Stroud, and perform their dances at the school summer fair.

Drama Club
Drama club runs after school for children in the juniors.  Workshops include confidence-boosting games as well as role-play sessions.

Samba Dance Club
This club was run throughout the summer term in 2008 and culminated in the children taking part in the Stroud Samba Festival.

 Gardening Club
Children at Gastrells are encouraged to think about where their food comes from and each class has its own vegetable patch.  Gardening club is ideal for those green-fingered children who want to do even more, and last year their hard work was recognised with an invitation to visit Highgrove Gardens.


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